Although I have an MBA, I’m much more right-brained than most MBAs. Although I’m a money manager, I believe that lots of things in this world are more important than money. Although I’ve never defined myself by what I do, I very much enjoy both my investment advising and my writing career, and (clients tell me) I’m pretty good at them. Je parle francais, and I get by in Spanish. I love the outdoors, as long as it isn’t too hot and sticky. I’m something of a nutso about ecology….

Okay, that’s about as personal as I’m going to get on a professional website!… Except for sharing a few photos. The two young ones are my daughter Addie, a resident of Virginia and a recent college grad, and my son Clay who is beginning his legal career in Washington, D.C.. Clay is pictured with former first dogs Sunny and Bo. The other two dogs, Norman and Zoey, aren’t quite as famous, but they are well loved. The final picture is yours truly, sitting at a friendly diner in the Poconos.



Me with (my now adult) kids