Although I have an MBA, I’m much more right-brained than most MBAs. Although I’m a money manager, I believe that lots of things in this world are more important than money. Although I’ve never defined myself by what I do, I very much enjoy both my investment advising and my writing career, and (clients tell me) I’m pretty good at them. Je parle francais, and I get by in Spanish. I love the outdoors, as long as it isn’t too hot and sticky. I play the harmonica (badly). I’m something of a nutso about ecology….

Okay, that’s about as personal as I’m going to get on a professional website!… Except for sharing a few photos. The two young ones pictured right are my daughter Addie, now a college Sophomore, and my son Clay, resident of Washington, D.C., and friend to First Dogs Sunny and Bo. The other two (less famous, less patriotic) canines are mine; Norman is the big galoot, and Zoey is the one that looks like a little stuffed animal. The final picture is, of course, yours truly, sitting at a favorite diner in the Poconos.



Me with (my now adult) kids